INTERVIEW: Conversations with San Diego’s Emerging Artists

By Craig Yerkes

This article was originally published in The San Diego Troubadour; we have cut Josh’s quotes for this post; for the full article, click here.

For Josh Damigo, the issue of getting signed has a lot to do with the idea of being able to focus more on the music as opposed to business matters. As he puts it, ‘If I were signed by a major record label, my expectation is that they would do all the promotions for me, have a staff to sell my CDs and merchandise. I feel that getting signed by a major label would be the best thing for my music and career. There is a huge business side to the music industry and I’m definitely less of a businessman and more of an artist.’

“When artists speak of getting signed, the overwhelmingly predominant fear is the dreaded loss of artistic control. Josh Damigo soberly reflects, ‘If I sign with a major label, I wonder about being able to call my own shots.'”

“‘MySpace is ridiculously famous, and I have fans who listen from as far away as Guam, Australia, and Europe,’ relates an enthusiastic Josh Damigo.”

“Perhaps the saving grace for all of these artists is the blissful energy of youth that makes it possible to keep up with it all. Josh Damigo, as busy as he is with his music and day job, has been told that he has the energy of five musicians and could probably take on another part-time job.”

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