By Miles Shumilak

Once in a while we’re lucky enough to run across an artist that immediately evokes 1 of 2 reactions. Either you’re convinced you’ve already heard him on the radio … or you’re convinced that you’re about to. Josh Damigo is one of these gems and it only bolsters our excitement to find his facetwitspace hometown set to: San Diego.

With the voice of a pro, the soul of a vet, and the look of star… Just remember where you heard the newest addition to The LIST Music. We found him first! (and reserve the rights to dibs)

The LIST: How’d you get into music?
Damigo: I have always been musical. My mom forced me to play piano when I was growing up in San Jose, CA, and I sang everywhere I could. I taught myself how to play guitar at 16 and started playing in my small church. It was only a hobby, but people told me I was good. I was too involved in sports to really care though. I moved to San Diego to play soccer at San Diego Christian College. My Junior year, I tore my ACL, MCL, Meniscus, bruised every bone in my knee and shin, and broke my wrist in a basketball game. I ended up sitting on a couch for about 2 months and was unable to do much more than yell at my roommates to kill spiders. Sitting on that couch I decided that to kill time I could write songs, and after cutting off the wrist cast with a butter knife… (Ya… that took a while) I got at it. I think I wrote 3 or 4 in that week, and someone told me I could play my songs at an open mic. I tried the open mics out, and Johnny C. from Twiggs gave me my first show a week after I played there. Ever since then I’ve been playing wherever they’ll pay me! (Lestats is my favorite venue in San Diego)

The LIST: Who are some of your influences?
Damigo: My biggest influences are Shawn Mullins, Jim Croce, Damien Rice, Dierks Bentley, and Brad Paisley. They are all amazing and completely different song writers who are also great storytellers. I’m a huge fan of Jason Mraz’s style, and have incorporated it in a few songs, but I think my strongest tunes come from my days of listening to oldies.

The LIST: What have you been up to recently?
Damigo: I’ve been starting to tour. I just got home from Arizona, and played in Phoenix and Tucson this weekend. It was good times! I got a phone call from Chuck Cannon out of Nashville today (he wrote, “I love this bar” by Toby Keith, and “The Way You Love Me” by Faith Hill) and he invited me to come hang out with him and Shawn Mullins at their show in a few weeks. Two seconds after I hung up I received a call from Matt from KRUZ 97.5 out in Santa Barbara. He asked that I do a show for their radio station, and they will be playing my songs on air all week! (is my brag on loud enough??? It hurt my foot when I dropped those names… fyi…)

I just released a new album entitled Raw (available online at i-tunes, CDBaby, or at any shows). I worked with Aaron Bowen on the album, and it is an acoustic, full length album. Jeremy Rubolino recorded the last track, “Shooting for the Sun” and it is getting lots of buzz. The San Diego Troubadour is doing a special article on me in one of the upcoming months, and hopefully some of the other local papers will be writing reviews about the album. I’m not expecting them to say much good though, because I’m very pop. And I don’t think they like pop around here… =)

The LIST: What’s next for Josh Damigo?
Damigo: Hoping to work on a new album soon. (ya… another one.) This will be my first full studio album. I’d love to be nominated for a San Diego Music Award, but we’ll see how that goes… =) While I’m at it I’d also like to win a Grammy. If The LIST could hook that up, that would be awesome. =) “I’m about to take off on a Midwest tour, headlining in Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and Covington!” Please check out my website, for all tour dates, and find me on i-tunes and cdbaby.

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