Donning a baseball cap, t-shirt, and jeans, Josh Damigo looked more like your regular joe at a sports bar with the exception of his acoustic guitar in hand. He starts off with a bouncy upbeat tune and immediately gives a cheeky grin when he’s done with the song. “That’s about as manly as it gets. It’s all love songs from here.” Damigo switches gears and goes from sports bar joe to romantic balladeer. But wait, this isn’t your regular coffeehouse crooner. Fluidly poetic and warmly soulful, Josh Damigo is finally the fresh and uplifting talent that San Diego so desperately needs. His lyrics have heart, which are accompanied by the sweet light guitar sound that touches the spirit. In May, he will be releasing a new album called Raw. But although he admitted on stage he played mostly love songs, it didn’t mean all his songs were romantic in nature. His track “Saves the Day” is more about the true heroes in life—not just soldiers and emergency personnel, but the everyday heroes in everyday life. But then again, he did hit the head on the love nail with a tune he called “Crazy” about two of his best friends who fell in love. He starts off with a bit of humor playing “Part of Your World” from Little Mermaid and progresses into his song which, needless to say, was incredibly sweet. If the looks on the audience member’s faces were any indication, Damigo didn’t have to worry about being so manly with his music. . .it takes a real man to make real good music. And it was.

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