My Grandparents are Superheroes

ImageI think it’s amazing that I was born when I was. My parents were so young when they had me, that I have had the opportunity to not only meet my grandparents, but have a healthy adult-to-adult type of relationship with them. I even had a similar opportunity with a few of my great grandparents. I am going to try to get this all out quickly, since the cats and pollen in Maine are driving my allergies nuts, and I just took a benadryl, I may fall asleep before I finish.

My biological grandparents are Paul and Francis Lodge (Dad’s side) and Benjamin and Charlotte Haley (Mom’s side.) Here’s the breakdown:

  • Benjamin Haley – Tough love, but kind. Almost always makes the right choice because he weighs out the options and thinks everything through. STRONG. HIGH PAIN TOLERANCE. That guy has probably had more staples in his body than all of my high school and college essays combined. Strong Christian who treats others with respect even if they don’t deserve it. Leader.
  • Charlotte Haley – The most loving person I’ve ever met. Soft spoken but incredibly witty. Tiny and absolutely cuddly and better than any stuffed animal you’ve ever had. Not afraid to do anything, even if she’s unsure. Taught me how to play baseball, even though I’m pretty sure she couldn’t name a single Red Sox player. Strong Christian who loves Jesus with all of her heart, and trusts him absolutely, even when life has been tough, or doesn’t make sense. My best friend.
  • Paul Lodge – Strong, Silent type. DEFINITELY where I got my sense of humor from. Very detail oriented. Easy going when everything and everyone around him may be going nuts. Easy to talk to, and there are no topics that he can’t have a calm, logical discussion about even if he disagrees, he is a gentleman. Huge sports guy. Inspiring. Reminds you regularly that life is more than what you do, and that sometimes you just need to take a chance and follow your heart. A strong Christian who I think is the type of guy I hope Jesus was like.
  • Francis Lodge – The smartest person I know. A Pastor. A believer who tells you exactly how she thinks, feels, and is always 100% honest. Good at everything, but won’t admit it. She’s humble even though she’s better at every board game than you are… but if you somehow beat her, she will graciously let you think that she didn’t design that an hour ago. If she is a volunteer, she’s your best volunteer, and you better go ahead and just make her in charge, because no one will care about your project and think through every possible situation like she will. Extremely attentive to detail. Doesn’t sleep. When she does, she’s probably still able to beat you at scrabble.

Now that you know all of them, let me tell you what impresses me the most. The dynamic duo that both groups are, is incredible. I’d stack them up against any bad guys any day. The Haley’s would easily beat down evil doers like the hulk, and then nurse them back to help and show them unconditional love until they changed their evil ways and started being do-gooders themselves. The Lodge’s would distract you with their charm and then outsmart you sort of like a James Bond movie. It’s literally incredible to see them in action.

I guess there’s a part of me that’s wicked jealous. I want to fight crime with somebody! 🙂 Maybe that’s why I get anxious when I actually fall for someone. I just really want to get old! What’s that quote in “When Harry Met Sally”? “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” (I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!)

So anyways, that’s who my grandparents are to me. You may have cool ones, or you may not have any, but I guarantee mine will adopt you if you ask. 😀

I made it… my eyes are sleepy, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to crawl up these steps to get to my room…


(So… um.. kickstarter… It’s kinda… well… still going… So if you haven’t yet donated, I could still use help! 😀 Thanks so much!)



About Josh Damigo

Josh will cheerfully admit that he averaged less than a dozen people a show when he first began playing San Diego coffee houses. But he garnered diehard fans in the process, sold a few thousand copies of his homemade EP, Pocket Change, and picked up few awards along the way. After a traumatic family incident, Damigo retreated inward, and he ended up writing what would ultimately become his breakout debut, Raw. The album was true to its name and people noticed - Josh picked up two San Diego Music Awards for “Best Acoustic” and “Best Local Recording,” opened for the likes of Zac Brown, Jason Mraz, Eric Hutchinson, and Matt Nathanson, and had enough money and momentum to tour the country a few times over. A few years after Raw, there was his third release, Hope. Whereas Raw was a mostly acoustic, vulnerable affair, Hope was a celebration. Pleading and poignant, heartfelt and heavy hearted, it segued effortlessly from orchestral to alt-country, eventually landing him in the top 25 on the country charts. One of the hardest working indie singer/songwriters in Southern California, Damigo spent much of year with producer Mike Butler, gathering up some of the finest musicians in town, shaping his songs and sound further still for his latest album, "Just Give Me a Call", available now, on Randm Records. From the up-tempo single, “Just Give Me a Call”, to the simple sincerity of the ballad “Tennessee”, Josh’s songwriting skills are clear, his voice rings true and his goals remain the same as when he started - to keep making the best music he can, and to share it with all.
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One Response to My Grandparents are Superheroes

  1. Josh, thank you so much for introducing me to your grandparents! They sound like truly amazing people and I’m so glad you have such formidable allies. No wonder you’re so awesome! 😉 And, true story, I just watched “When Harry Met Sally” again last weekend. I love that part at the end that you quoted! Here’s to us finding our own Harry & Sally. Keep on rocking, Josh!

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