Wanna Help Me Book the Rest of My Tour?


Booking can be frustrating… sigh…

I tried venting on Facebook, and realized that was a dumb idea. This is where I’m at with the tour- The first half is booked. The west coast and into the midwest is pretty much done. Now I have the rest of the midwest, east coast, and southern states left. I’m opening it up, because I’ve sent out many inquiries to clubs, and haven’t heard back, so I’m frustrated. If you live in any of these areas, and want to help, please feel free to write me here on the blog or e-mail me. Please don’t be rude. It’s just not necessary.

Check http://www.reverbnation.com/joshdamigo for tour dates already listed. I’m currently booking the following cities/dates:

Minneapolis – 9/12 (Thursday)
Indianapolis or St. Louis – 9/15 (Sunday)
Columbus or St. Louis – 9/16 (Monday)
Pittsburgh – 9/18 (Tuesday)
Portland, Maine – 9/20 or 9/21 (Friday/Saturday)
New York City – 10/3 (Thursday)
Baltimore (Or Surrounding Cities) – 10/4 (Friday)
Richmond (Or surrounding cities) – 10/5 (Saturday)
Charlotte (Or Surrounding Cities) – 10/6 (Sunday)
Jacksonville (Or Surrounding Cities) – 10/7 (Monday)
Miami (Or Surrounding Cities) – 10/8 (Tuesday)
Tampa Bay (Or Surrounding Cities) – 10/9 (Wednesday)
Atlanta (Or Surrounding Cities) – 10/10 (Thursday)
Nashville (Or Surrounding Cities) – 10/11 (Friday)
Memphis (Or Surrounding) – 10/12 (Saturday)
New Orleans or Oklahoma City – 10/13 (Sunday)
Houston or Austin – 10/14 (Monday)
Albuquerque – 10/16 (Wednesday)
Tucson – 10/18 (Friday)

I’m looking for smaller venues like Coffee Shops because I cannot fill a stadium, so please don’t suggest ampitheaters. (I’m not Rascal Flatts. I’m an acoustic Singer/Songwriter)

I’m willing to do house concerts, but I prefer venues. (Royalty reasons.)

Thanks so much for the support guys! I’m doing my best to hit major cities that may be a few hours away from everyone. (Yeah… You may have to drive a few hours to get to me… But I’m driving a few weeks/days to get to you… gimme a little help…) 🙂

Love you guys. Still playing for your pocket change.


About Josh Damigo

Josh will cheerfully admit that he averaged less than a dozen people a show when he first began playing San Diego coffee houses. But he garnered diehard fans in the process, sold a few thousand copies of his homemade EP, Pocket Change, and picked up few awards along the way. After a traumatic family incident, Damigo retreated inward, and he ended up writing what would ultimately become his breakout debut, Raw. The album was true to its name and people noticed - Josh picked up two San Diego Music Awards for “Best Acoustic” and “Best Local Recording,” opened for the likes of Zac Brown, Jason Mraz, Eric Hutchinson, and Matt Nathanson, and had enough money and momentum to tour the country a few times over. A few years after Raw, there was his third release, Hope. Whereas Raw was a mostly acoustic, vulnerable affair, Hope was a celebration. Pleading and poignant, heartfelt and heavy hearted, it segued effortlessly from orchestral to alt-country, eventually landing him in the top 25 on the country charts. One of the hardest working indie singer/songwriters in Southern California, Damigo spent much of year with producer Mike Butler, gathering up some of the finest musicians in town, shaping his songs and sound further still for his latest album, "Just Give Me a Call", available now, on Randm Records. From the up-tempo single, “Just Give Me a Call”, to the simple sincerity of the ballad “Tennessee”, Josh’s songwriting skills are clear, his voice rings true and his goals remain the same as when he started - to keep making the best music he can, and to share it with all.
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12 Responses to Wanna Help Me Book the Rest of My Tour?

  1. Julie A says:

    Just saw you are coming to Colorado Springs! Already have it on my calender! So glad you are coming to my city!

  2. Christie says:

    Let me know if you are planning on hitting up Chicago. I think you know most of the venues in the city, and have lots of friends here, but if there is anything I can do to help please just let me know!

    • Christie says:

      Cancel that! The 14th it is! I am in a wedding that weekend but I’ll be sure to tell everyone about it!

  3. Dan says:

    I won’t miss the Minneapolis show!

  4. Jessica H says:

    Very excited to see that you are coming to Nashville! We have some pretty nice smaller venues like Mercy Lounge/Cannery Ballroom, Exit In, Rockettown, and Marathon Music Works. They are all great places! Hope that helps! 🙂 can’t wait to see you in concert again! 🙂

  5. Daria says:

    If you are interested in coming to Savannah, GA, I would recommend the Sentient Bean. It is an awesome coffee shop that looks for acoustic acts.

  6. Jon says:

    Why not try Philly at the World Cafe Live. You are in the area in September. A great venue for small or large shows. Saw a many awesome act pass through there small and large.

  7. Jon says:

    Just wanted to add a link for the World Cafe Live so you can book it… booking@worldcafelive.com

  8. Kristy B says:

    You should definitely come to the Chicago area or Northwest Indiana. There are some smaller venues out here like Mojoes (in Joliet) or Reggies (in Chicago). Here is a link to Reggies: http://www.reggieslive.com/about/. Hope that helps!

  9. Cheryl says:

    Glad you are coming to NYC! Some smaller/intimate venues that you may not have tried yet…
    1. The backroom at Jimmy’s No 43

    2. The Duplex Caberet Theater-

  10. Liza Smith says:

    Josh, while in Maine, you should get in touch with the good folks at WCLZ 98.9 FM. They’re very supportive of musicians, and they often host live mini-concerts that allow listeners to hear music that’s off the beaten path. (Last I heard, someone from Guster moved there and started hosting an occasional radio show at ‘CLZ.) It would publicize your presence if they could put you on the day of or the day before your gig(s). I’ve heard them do that a few times. http://989wclz.com/contact-us/ .

    A lot of the good music venues have changed since I moved to SD. Folks at ‘CLZ would definitely be able to suggest appropriate venues in the Portland, ME area. Here’s a possibly helpful map of venues (with links) in the Portland Area:

    Happy trails!

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