I Would Never Let You Hurt Again – (New Lyrics)

I Would Never Let You Hurt Again
(Written by Josh Damigo)

I know that life can be too big sometimes
The world goes out of phase and stops it’s rhyme
Run as far as you want, But still stay on my mind
Yeah, I’m never gonna let you hurt again

Maybe your ex is laying it on strong
And your family wants you to come back home,
I’ll be by your side where’er the sun goes down
Yeah, I’m never gonna let you hurt again

Of all the dreams and make-believes
That could ever cross your head
We could fight ‘em off, one by one
If you let me in

And when you scream, in disbelief
I will always hold your hand
I would never let you hurt again

Whenever the tears start fill your eyes
And your memories leave you there for blind
Just hold out your arms, I’ll hold you here in mine
Yeah, I’m never gonna let you hurt again


Close your eyes, It will be fine
Close your eyes, It will be fine
Close your eyes, It will be fine
Yeah, I’m never gonna let you hurt again.

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New Lyrics – Is There Anything Worse? (Than Falling in Love)

I’ve been trying to write a song a day, and so far I’ve been successful! (YES!!!!) 5 Days in and 5 new songs. Most of them will never see the light of day, but still….

Here’s the lyrics to tonight’s song. I hope you dig. And I hope to see you at Lestat’s on Saturday night!


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I Will Be There – “Cold Killers” – Part 10 of 10

New Album, "I Will Be There" Available on Randm Records!

New Album, “I Will Be There” Available on Randm Records!

Imagine a house.
Just a house.
It’s black outside.
You see a figure walk into the house.
You see two flashes.
You see a figure walk out of the house.
It’s black outside.

That’s a poem I just wrote about how bad-ass I feel this song is. It’s intense. It’s got a story. Something’s going on, and we’re not sure what, but it doesn’t feel good. Today is the last day of my “Behind the Music” for the new record, and I couldn’t think of a cooler way to end it.

The Story
I’ve always wanted to be in a rock band. It’s never really worked out, and I probably have a lot of guitar practice ahead of me before that would happen, but if I was in a rock band, I can tell you who we’d sound like… Little Hurricane. There’s not a doubt in my mind. I first saw Little Hurricane a few years ago and the Voodoo Stage at the House of Blues and my jaw dropped. They had a swarm of people at the show, and I was blown away by the songwriting, musicianship, and showmanship.

They play a type of blues/rock that just makes every song sound badass. Even songs that are sweet and about old ladies just sound hard core when Tone is singing and Cici is slamming the drums.

The night that I saw them play, I walked up to them after the show and said, “Hey… if there is anything I can ever do to help you guys get anywhere, I’m in… I’ll learn bass… just say the word.” I’ve been friends with them ever since. (And thank GOD they haven’t asked me to play bass yet… I’d be done with my career in a second and part of their band quicker than you could say, “Please.”

I went home after the show and wrote a song. I don’t remember it, but I sent it to Tone and said, “You guys inspired this.” and he was super cool about that. I dunno how I’d react if some dude saw me at a show and then wrote a song and sent it to me after my show, but Tone played it wicked cool.

When I lived in LA. I had a terrible time. At one particular moment, I was living in Sherman Oaks, and had just been told that I didn’t qualify for the San Diego Music Awards because I wasn’t a “San Diego Artist”. Tone and Cici were living about 10 miles north of me and had just been nominated for a couple awards, and we all laughed about how unfair that was… but when you’re THAT good, people will make exceptions…

Tone invited me over to write a song, and he said, “Every hook you write is like a Disney song… How are you so catchy?”  I’ll never forget that. I think it’s a compliment. We wrote a song, and I don’t think any of us loved it, but it’s probably my fault for trying to add an, “OOOOO Baby….” But it was another one of the couple memories that I loved about LA.

Finally… I accidentally wrote a riff. It became the opening riff to the song, and the song took off from there. I had the idea of a baddass, gunslinger- Clint Eastwood type, who was just riding around on his horse and shooting down people for no reason. And that’s where it came from.

I immediately sent it to Tone. “Dude”, the e-mail read…”You guys HAVE to record this song with me!!!” Unfortunately, they were on tour, and it didn’t work out, but I guarantee that this song wouldn’t have happened without their style of rock and friendship with me. When I sent Tone the album, he replied with, “…real cold killers don’t look back…” You can’t measure the satisfaction that an artist receives when an artist he appreciates digs his stuff.

When I showed it to my producer, Mike Butler. He dug it. We had started recording it like a blues rock tune, but somewhere, it turned a little more Louisiana swamplands sounding. Kinda like the first season of True Detective. I dug it. We kept it. Put a little Dennis Kaplinger on the banjo in there and game on!

The Lyrics
I don’t know how I got here, or how I grew bad

But I’m running from the law with crosshairs on my back (I love the idea of running from the cops… I probably wouldn’t do it, but It’s so fun! haha!)
If you see me out your window, you better just run
No sweet talking lawyer could reason with my gun (Sweet talking lawyer? Talking with my gun? BWAHAHAH… that line is a classic Josey Wales kinda line.)
I said, “Something inside of me just snapped.”
I said, “Real cold killers don’t look back

Real cold killers we don’t look back.” (The imagery of killing without it even affecting you, is nuts. It’s not who I am, but that’s mostly cause I’ve got terrible aim with a rifle…)

Now, I can’t face the carnage I’ve caused
I’m on every “wanted” poster from here to Arkansas (I’ve never tried to rhyme a word with Arkansas… that was kinda fun. I think that the word “Applesauce” would be another good rhyme…)
Nobody move, nobody scream
Don’t be a hero, get shot on the scene(I always think about this… Why would anyone try to stop a gunman? Just let him go… He’s not interested in you… goober.)
I said, “Every part of me is bad.”
I said, “Real cold killers don’t look back
Real cold killers, don’t look back”

That’s pretty much the gist of it. 🙂

For those of you who are anti-violence, I really hope this doesn’t offend you. As a story teller/songwriter I like to venture outside of my own realm and write things like this. I don’t promote gun violence. I’m not even a huge fan of guns! (And my family is about as Republican as it gets!) All I can say is when you let your imagination go, cool things happen, and I believe this song is one of them.

I hope that you enjoyed the last two weeks of hearing about the songs! Please feel free to share these tracks and stories! I had a fantastic time writing these and still have a few more that DIDN’T make the album that I can’t wait to show you. The next “big step” is the music video that will be coming out around November for the single, “Just Give Me A Call”. I hope that you like the story written for the video in that as well!

Thanks for reading. Here’s your final track.

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I Will Be There – “How I Fall in Love” – Part 9 of 10

New Album, "I Will Be There" Available on Randm Records!

New Album, “I Will Be There” Available on Randm Records!

Here’s another gut wrenching song… My bad, ya’ll…. 🙂 I actually got a letter from my grandaunt the other day asking me if I was okay, after listening to the record. I assure you… I am. I was just writing really, really, good “sad” songs. (If I do say so myself…) 😛

The Song
I can’t remember exactly where I was when I got the idea for this song, but I do remember that I had just finished the opening guitar riff and thought, “I really like that… but it’s gotta go with a sad song…” And wrote it. I think this is one of those songs that I had to really work at when I was going through a songwriting rutt. Sometimes, as a songwriter, you have to force yourself to just sit down and make things happen. I remember multiple times where I wrote what I thought was absolute garbage, but got a good line or note, and so it was all worth it. 

Of all the songs on the record, I feel particularly proud of this one, because of the continuity and matureness in the lyrical content. I think this was the second track that I sent my producer, Mike Butler, and convinced him to record my record.

In my head, I have this gut feeling that whenever I fall for someone, something is going to get in the way and mess it all up. I imagine a music video, in which the main character sees the girl he’s about to fall for, and everything goes in slow motion. His imagination takes over, and he lives out the entire relationship in 3 minutes and 30 seconds. In the end, they break up, and so he never actually asks her out, because he already “knows” how it’s going to end. Don’t you love negativity? Sigh…

The Lyrics
Mama always said not to fall in love (Just for the record, I’d never call my mom, “mama”… She laughed when she heard that.)
She said, “Boy, you better take your time…”
Don’t show ‘em your hand, Don’t move too fast
Save yourself some trouble down the line 
(To be fair, she has always been someone who I’ve thought thinks with her head, whereas, I think with my heart. I often wish I was more like her in that aspect.)

Well, I guess that’s a lesson that I never learned
Cause I got a heart full of battle scars (I don’t like to brag… but I think this may be the best line on the entire record…)
I’m no good at games, Ain’t got no poker face
When I fall in love, I fall real hard (That’s wicked true… Although, I probably do have a poker face… or maybe I don’t. I play with some friends a lot… and I never seem to win… hmmmm….)


I’ll notice that I’ll miss her smile, when she’s gone
I find myself wishing on every single star (I like the idea that one wish/star wouldn’t be enough…. give me the whole sky!!!)
And I could have the whole wide world
But she’d control my heart (Absolutely true. It’d be amazing that someone could control your mind, regardless of how great life is going… I’m a sucker…)
That’s how I fall in love
That’s how I fall in love

My friends’ll say she’s no good for me
They’ll say, “Man, she’s gonna leave you blue.”
Don’t let her close, but they already know
That there ain’t nothing that I can do (I often think of my friends in high school, who could always tell when I was falling for someone… I’m not very good at the whole, “I like this person… keep it a secret…” thing… If I liked someone… it would come out immediately… and then continue to circulate, cause I’d just stare at them during every class… ugh…)


And I’ll get shakey hands
When I see her again
And I won’t find the words to say (Totally me… Believe it or not, there was a time that I was so scared to tell a girl I liked her… Now I literally open with, “OMG!!! You’re beautiful!)

I’ll jump the gun again
End up alone and then
I’ll have no one else to blame (That’s always been my problem- jumping the gun on the relationship. I always want to cannonball into love… no tip-toeing…baaaaahhhhh…)


The End
I don’t always go into relationships this way, but after enough breakups, it can start to wear on you. I think the best thing to do is never go into a relationship if you’re not over the last one. It’s just not fair to the other person. The best thing to do in any relationship is make sure that you care about the other person’s feelings above your own. If I feel like I’m going to hurt someone, I tread very carefully. Dating is hard enough! Why make it worse?

Tomorrow’s the last day, and it’s going to be totally different! Hope you dig it!

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I Will Be There – “I Never Want to Say Goodbye to You” – Part 8 of 10

New Album, "I Will Be There" Available on Randm Records!

New Album, “I Will Be There” Available on Randm Records!

After that depressing post yesterday, I think you’ve got to be in the mood for something a little more positive, don’t you think? Today’s post is about the last happy song on the record.

The Story
The story is pretty basic. I was dating my ex, and we were getting ready to go on the US tour last year. (She was planning on coming with me to Seattle, before I left for the rest of tour.) It was definitely a high time in our relationship, and she gave me one of the best compliments I’d received. One night, when she was leaving my house, she kissed me and said, “Ugh… I never want to say, “Goodbye” to you!”

I literally said, “I’m stealing that!” And started writing. I think the song took about 20 minutes to write. I liked the idea of a “Dean Martin-ish” type of song. I can imagine this song being recorded in the 60’s with a big band behind it, but I’m completely satisfied with the “country” version of it as well!

The Song
I never knew

I could have someone like you
Who makes all of my dreams come true
And makes me feel, Alright (I have this way of thinking… I need to change it… but for some reason, sometimes, I feel like I’m not going to fall in love/something is always going to get in the way. Anyways… back to the song.)

I never dreamed
That this could happen to me
Now it’s all peaches and cream
And I feel, Alright (Heh! I don’t think I’ve ever had “Peaches and Cream”… It sounds good though!)

And I never wanna fight,
And I never wanna cry
And I never wanna see you with another guy,
Oh, I never want to say “goodbye” to you. (You can’t tell me that chorus isn’t catchy!)

I never thought
Someone could make me fall
Heel over head like you doll
And now I feel, Alright (I liked the idea of mixing up “Head over Heels” because that seems normal… “Heel over head”??? Now THAT’s love!)

I never thunk
I could be so far awestruck
Spiking my heart with your love
And now I feel, Alright (I like two parts of this. One- Using the word, “Thunk”. My mom’s an ex-English teacher… So that was fun. Two- the idea of love being so intoxicating, that it spikes the blood. The little girl inside of me gets all giddy with that idea… Carry on…)


And all I wanna do is kiss you
And all I wanna do is hold you tight
And all I wanna do is love you    
And make your world as good as you’ve made mine (I imagined that first line having a bunch of girls go, “AWWWWEEEEE” but in reality, if all you wanted to do is kiss and hug, it would be really weird… Maybe for a little bit, it would be cool…. but that’s a long, long time…:-P

So that’s it! That’s the depth of this one. I appreciate those of you who have told me this is your favorite song on the album! I think it’s incredibly cute, and why hipsters don’t like me.  See you tomorrow!

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I Will Be There – “Not Yours” – Part 7 of 10

New Album, "I Will Be There" Available on Randm Records!

New Album, “I Will Be There” Available on Randm Records!

The Backstory
I’m about to sound like a crotchety and bitter old man…

For those of you who don’t know the story, I guess you need to know the backstory- I fell in love with a girl at a show. Like… Immediately. I saw her outside when I was playing at Queen Bee’s and I was, believe it or not, hanging out with my buddy, Seth Combs. I told him straight up, “I’m going to meet that girl.” And I sang my set, she came up to me after the show and I took her out the next night. During that time, I had started writing my “Song a day” and had planned on doing thirty days. I wrote a song called, “Stay” while she was sitting next to me on the couch, and I still remember her kissing me right after I finished writing the song… One of my most favorite moments.

She graduated from college and moved to Los Angeles. We talked every day and every night. After 5 months, I contemplated moving, and she and I decided that I should. I quit my job, got a temp job in LA and planned on easing into the move. Unfortunately the day that I got to LA, she stopped answering her phone. I tried to figure out what had happened, but figured that she had a problem with her phone. I finally talked to her roommate who gave me the couple of things of mine that she had and with an, “I’m sorry”. closed the gate on me…. One of my least favorite moments.

This song was written a few months after this story.

The Cowrite
I’ve sat on this song for about three years. It’s another one of those incredibly personal songs that I had the opportunity to share with another songwriter. Melissa Polinar is, and has been one of the most talented people I’ve ever met. Her latest album is one of my favorites, and I’d encourage you to give her a listen. (My personal favorite is, “See the Stars” a three-part harmony song with my friends Ernie Halter and Matt Cusson.)

I had tried to write with Melissa a few times, but scheduling was a problem. (She lives between Dallas and LA, and when you’re as good as she is, you get good shows…) 🙂 I had just finished moving to LA and gone through the worst and hardest, non-closure type of breakups I’ve ever experienced. When I told Melissa about it, she sympathized like an old friend would. I think of all the things I like about her, that’s my favorite- she has the ability to really care about you, even before she knows you. (Tied for second is her voice and songwriting!) The original version had a rad three part harmony the entire way through the song, but we scratched it in this new arrangement- (didn’t really work with the sound on the record.) I’m so into this version of it! I hope that you are too.

We sat down and wrote this song at the SESAC building in Los Angeles. It was exactly what I needed at the time. I had gained 50 pounds from the depression and lack of motivation and hadn’t written a good song in weeks. This song immediately kicked off a dozen songs that would end up being most of my last album, “Hope”. I had a disagreement with my last producer on this song, and so we ended up not using it. However, when my producer for the new record, Mike Butler heard it, he told me it was an immediate, “We have to record this song!” and when he told me that, I knew I wanted to work with him, immediately.

Melissa and I have never really talked about where the lines came from, but I can tell you my side of it. So here it goes:

Why does it seem so hard
Why is my heart a mess
Why is it difficult to breathe 

There were nights where I was literally so heartbroken, I couldn’t breathe. It blew my mind that someone that I had cared about, so much, that I would plan with her to move out of a city I loved and start over in LA, was absolutely crushing. I’ve never felt that bad, and I hope I don’t again.

When will I ever learn
When will this ever end
When will I finally be freed

More of the same. It felt like I couldn’t escape it, no matter what I tried.

I thought I was over you                 
But I guess you went and proved me wrong

Probably the worst part of being a writer, is the idea that my brain doesn’t shut off. When I sleep, I write. I can’t tell you how many times, even now, she’ll show up in my dreams, telling me that it was such a mistake, and that she wants me to come back. I’ve woken up in tears more time to count and it all comes rushing back when I finally get to hold her… then wake up and realize it was a dream, and I’m all alone. That’s got to be the single worst torture a heart can have.

Take me out of this prison
Break these bars and let me go 
Cause I’m not yours

Don’t make me drink from your poison
Baby, I’d rather be alone
Cause I’m not yours, Anymore

To me, the chorus is basically an affirmation that this is done. Similar to an exorcism, I am casting her out, and she is no longer allowed to haunt me.

How can I justify?
Another restless night?
Of dreaming dreams for you

(See above… sigh…)

Why haven’t I realized
After seeing through all your lies
That my dreams will not come true

(I guess I’m good at repeating myself, huh?)

I want to be over you
But I hear your song calling me back

Did I mention she was/is a singer? Her voice reminded me of Leanne Rimes. I don’t listen to her, anymore…ever. I also can’t watch Reese Witherspoon movies, and don’t even get me started on the show “Nashville”. I can’t see Hayden Panettiere and not think about this girl. So frustrating! We’re talking 4 years later? There’s definitely something wrong with my head.


You have no power over me
Now I’m finally, fine on my own

Last chance- last affirmation. This is the final straw. One of the biggest bummers to me was when Melissa and I recorded this song on my Macbook, I completely missed these notes. I probably would have released the song lo-fi if I hadn’t. I love the desperation in the last notes of “own”. It just trails off- almost like throwing my feelings off of a cliff and watching them fade away. If it was that easy, I probably couldn’t write. But alas, I have to repeat the chorus again… even more pathetically so you understand that I am really hurting… Ha!


The End
Wow… after re-reading this post, that was pretty personal. I hope you guys don’t feel bad for me or hold it against me. I believe life is supposed to be the highs and the lows. That’s what makes it beautiful. If you always have okay to good times, you don’t experience everything in it’s full color. If you always have bad times, you’ll be a bitter old man. I may still end up as one, but not because of her- because I choose to be. I’m working on it. Leave me alone. And get off my lawn.

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I Will Be There – “The Day That You Left Me” – Part 6 of 10

This was probably the most anticipated song on the record. I have met more ladies who could not wait to have this song on their iPods after hearing it at a concert. “That song is PERFECT!!! I must have it!!!” Poor girls. I wrote it after a breakup as a joke, and I didn’t think it was going to be as funny/perfect for breakups as it apparently is.

Here we go…

When you broke my heart
I nearly died
Sat on my mama’s porch
And I cried all night
My father said, “Son,
You should be wild and free.” It’s actually kind of funny, there’s no way that I’d do that… my mom would tell me to get over it… AND my dad would never tell me to go be wild and free… that’s just not how they view life.

Yeah you had a lot of nerve
When you kicked me to the curb
I started swearing like a sailor (Nope… I wouldn’t do that.)
Using every dirty word
So I guess what I am saying,
Is you really left a mark on me

Cause I started having fun
The day that you left me (That might be true…)

I started playing banjo
Cause I know that you like Jay-z (Cause that’s ridiculous…)
I grew out my mustache
When you said it looked bad on me (I don’t think it looks that bad on me…)
Got myself a new tattoo
When You said you like your men clean
 (Yeah, I’d probably do that…)
I did everything I wanted
And I never ever felt so free
Yeah, I started having fun
The day that you left me

I started smoking cigarettes (No, I didn’t… that’s bad for you.)
You said you didn’t like the smell
Got myself a motorbike
Cause you’d worry if I ever fell (I’d be sad for me too…)
I started watching baseball games
When you said that it was boring as hell (Baseball is AWESOME!)
Oh, I did everything I wanted
And I’ve never ever felt so free
Yeah, I started having fun
The day that you left me

Sure I still miss you sometimes
When I think of all the fun we had
Watching all those daytime soaps
Instead of watching Breaking Bad (NOBODY is in charge of my viewing schedule…)
Cuddling every night
Instead of going out with my friends
Wait… did I just say that I missed that?
Cause, I don’t. (I can’t believe that Randm Records let me record this song… That’s a silly lyric…)

Got myself a kick ass band (I did!)
Started listening to Duran Duran (Totally didn’t…)
Bought myself an RV and (I’d like to!)
Went camping on Lake Michigan (That just rhymed…)

I danced my ass off every night (Nope… I’m a Baptist.)
Lost a tooth in bar room fight (Come on… Who’d wanna fight me? I’m far too nice…)
I just started living life
And kissing every single girl in sight (HA! I wish!)

Yeah I started having fun
Yeah I started having fun
You know, I started having fun 
(Okay… we get it…)
The day that you left me

So that’s the song! Light and fluffy… And now you can hear it! 🙂
See you tomorrow!

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